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About NAKED K9

What I do

Private In-Home or On Location K9 Training and Behavioral Rehabilitation Services local to the Colorado Springs Area since 2010. 

Positive Reinforcement Focused Dog Training. 

The goal is to build the bond, the trust and the overall relationship with the dog. 

Training Features


Service Dog Training

Home Defense


Ground Hunting


Dog Walking Services

Specializing in aggressive dogs since 2010.

Multiple dog discounts or Military discounts may apply. 

Step One- NAKEDK9 Evaluation

Before a program can be built for the Dog, the animal must be evaluated. Evaluations typically take 1 hour. During this time, the animals wellness is assessed so that each training package is truly tailored for the individual dog.

Step Two- Specifics and Packages

After the evaluation  training objectives can be solidified. Each K9 is an individual, so everything is tailored to each dog independently by the psychological results outlined in the evaluation.

Training Services

All dogs must be fully vaccinated as per NAKEDK9 Vaccination policy, and must be properly equipped for each group class as outlined in your specific class package. Classes are free to repeat one time within the first 7 days, at which time preceeding classes will then be rescheduled. Your dog's training progress is reliant upon your aderance to homework schedule, and your participation in classes. ALL K9's participating in any class must have an appropriate tongue and groove buckle collar. NO PLASTIC CLIPS OR ATTACHMENTS PERMITTED! Clients are responsible to bring treats to every class.

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Check out this cool video of one of our dogs trained for Service, the NAKEDK9 way!

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Active clients gain access to 24-7 training assistance. All classes are by Appointment Only.

Canine Behavioral Evaluation Required prior to class scheduling.

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