Our Obedience Programs


General Obedience Program -4 Weeks 400$*

Get your dog to be more manageable, stop nuisance behaviors, and learn basic commands.

This program addresses the following exercises: Loose leash walking, greeting strangers appropriately, Addressing specific nuisance behaviors, Come, Sit, Stay, Lay Down

Your dog will receive a Certificate of Completion for the participation in this Program.

Full Obedience Program- 12 Weeks $1,200*

Get your dog completely under control! Nuisance Behaviors, Command Reliability, and you can add up to*** 4 additional commands to the command list.

Program Outline:

Stage I 3 Weeks (come, sit, stay, lay down, loose leash walking)

Stage II 4 Weeks (recall, extended stay, extended sit, distractions)

Stage III 4 Weeks (long distance stay/commands, long distance recall)

Final test occurs in the 12th week of the program.

Upon completion, your dog will receive a Certificate of Completion for the participation in the program. Passing scores at 89% and Higher for the Full Obedience Program will receive a Certificate of Achievement, proving that the Dog successfully learned, and retained a majority of the information from this program, and finished in the upper percentile.

About our Certificates

The Certificate of Completion is an award handed out in the Dogs name for successful completion of the particular training program that the dog was enrolled in. That the dog didn’t  flunk out or refuse to finish the program.

The Certificate of Achievement is awarded to dogs who pass their final test with a mark of 89% or higher. This award is designed to really point out those K9 and Handler teams who go above and beyond. These are your shining stars!

The Certificate of Excellence is awarded to dogs who pass their entire custom tailored Service Dog Training Program and pass the final test with a grade of 89% and higher. This award is designed to specifically identify the TEAMS that are the most proficient and prepared for legitimate legal work as a service dog, and that these dogs are prepared to take a PAT examination from an outside evaluator and pass in the upper percentile.

*Equipment costs may vary and will be an additional charge.

***4 additional commands is the maximum of additional commands within the program, some restrictions may apply.