Training Programs

Puppy Training



Puppy Programs:

Basic puppy -3 Week Program

A Three week program to get your puppy off on the right foot. Addressing all the new puppy stuff and setting you up for a better dog in the future.

Elite Puppy -7 Week Program

A seven week program designed to get your puppy everything it needs to be an exceptionally obedient adolescent and adult dog. Train your puppy right, the first time, and you'll never need to come back!

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Obedience and General Behaviour Modification



General Obedience  -4 Week Program

Get your dog to be more manageable, stop nuisance behaviors, and learn basic commands.

Full Obedience - 12 Week Program

Get your dog completely under control! Nuisance Behaviors, Command Reliability, and you can add up to*** 4 additional commands to the command list.

Stage I 3 Weeks

Stage II 4 Weeks

Stage III 4 Weeks

*Final Test occurs in the 12th week of the program.

Upon completion, your dog will receive a Certificate of Completion for the participation in these programs. 

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Service Dog Training



Service Dog - 16-26 Week** Program

Training a Service dog is Quite a Process... but it can be a Liberating process if done correctly.  A properly trained service dog can bring a sense of normalcy back to your life. Don't go with a program dog, build a program WITH your dog!

We build a customized obedience program for your disability and individual needs, paired with task specific training, followed by public access training to make sure you guys are right on track! Well test the dog at the end, and provide you with a Service Dog Training program certificate of completion at the end.

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Hunting Training



Do you have large predators or even just rodents or other animals on your farm, threatening your livestock or crops? Traps not cutting it?

Maybe you are looking to take that big buck down and want to be sure you can track your wounded game.

Whatever you need, well be sure to keep you on Target!

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Protection Training



Maybe you yourself or your family are vulnerable and afraid alone, or have investments at home, and you are concerned about the threat of growing crime rates in your area. Maybe you just need someone reliable to watch your back while your delivering papers in the middle of the night.

What ever your concern, here at NAKEDK9 We've got you covered. Let us teach you how to have fun with your dog, the way they* enjoy to play!

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Nervous Aggressive Rehabilitation



Are you afraid your dog will bite you or someone else? Is your dog so scared of everything you can't even take it out on a leash without fear of it getting loose? We can help you with these specific needs with our targeted behavioral modification. 

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Veteran Services

We offer services specifically tailored to all* Veterans... Two Legs and Four.

Service dogs for veterans suffering from visible and* invisible impairments. A well trained psychiatric service dog can make a world of difference for Service Members who are reintegrating into Civilian Living or are struggling to separate the days. 

K9 Service Members who have served and have come home, are Veterans too, and have specific needs just the same. We specialize* in helping rehabilitate dogs who have suffered severe psychological trauma.
NAKEDK9 recognizes all* Ranks, and Thanks You, Sincerely, for your Service.