Puppy Programs

Our Puppy Programs are designed to fit your needs!


Basic puppy (up to 20 weeks of age at time of enrollment) -3 Week Program 270$*

Address nuisance behaviors, or start fresh with a puppy new to the house- STOP the pesky problems before they START!

Basic puppy will address come, sit, stay, down, walking on a leash properly, house breaking, and answer any questions you have. You will get a Certificate of Completion for your puppy when the program has been finished.

Elite Puppy (up to 20 weeks of age at time of enrollment) -7 Week Program 680$*

Take your puppy to the next level with the ELITE PUPPY PROGRAM! Cover the basics and go a little further than the average .. Get started on off leash reliability earlier on, and have a more obedient dog in the long run.

All Star Puppy will address Come, sit, stay, down, loose leash walking and heel, and get into off leash training with distractions. Your puppy wants to work to please you, learn how to engage that desire and interact with your dog in a way you never have to come back for more training!

A Certificate of Completion will be awarded upon the final participation in the last session. If the puppy has excelled and passes general performance expectations for dogs in their age group, they will get an ELITE PUPPY PERFORMANCE certificate- for exemplary performance and content retention.

*Equipment costs may vary and will be an additional charge.