Nervous and aggressive k9 services

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We have been Specializing in the rehabilitation of Nervous/Aggressive/ Last Resort/Difficult dogs since 2010.

Aggressive tendencies don't always mean a dog is aggressive. Aggressive behaviors can often come from a place of fear or lack of confidence, even just a misguided dog whose drive is way* too high to have been placed in a pet home- but to the untrained eye, these behaviors can run together and be indistinguishable. ....what they absolutely are, undeniably, is scary as an owner and handler!

Is my dog going to bite someone? Another Dog?? IS MY DOG GOING TO BITE ME???  These are all very real realities for hundreds upon thousands of households nationally. It is a very real dilemma, and one that is often quietly hidden when guests come over, tucked in the back room, walked at night or just plum never mentioned... but the elephant is still in the room, but its not an elephant- its your DOG!

We can help you identify where the behavior is coming from, what behavior specifically is being presented and how to address the problem at the root, using the most humane and effective methods available.

We offer BALANCED TRAINING- training that produces long lasting reliable and controlled results. We are DRIVEN to produce a trained dog using the minimum force required to train your dog.

Please call today for your FREE CONSULTATION, and to schedule your evaluation.
Sessions start at 125$ and go up depending on the level of intensity, drive, and true aggression your dog is exhibiting.  


Muzzles carry a terrible stigma.. people think of a muzzle and they somehow think negative things..

But muzzles are an INVALUABLE TOOL to use on the road to recovery for your dog. Some states, LIKE COLORADO, have DANGEROUS DOG LAWS, requiring the use of a muzzle. Muzzles are great to help prevent unneeded negative or dangerous situations with other dogs, animals or people. 

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The photo above is a good example of how* muzzles can be a GOOD THING! One dog is a DOG AGGRESSIVE 100lb Presa Canario (intact), One dog is a 130 lb English Mastiff with DOG AGGRESSION (INTACT), The White dog is an 80lb Wolf Dog who is Temperamental with other dogs, and the other muzzled dog is a hunting dog who is NERVOUS OF OTHER DOGS(ALSO INTACT). This training exercise was successful, but imagine* if those dogs got into it!! Without muzzles it would not even be a thought to have them so close together.. But by UTILIZING the muzzle, we were able to SAFELY work on the REHABILITATION of EACH OF THESE DOGS!

If you are Shopping for a MUZZLE for an AGGRESSIVE dog, you want to look for a STURDY BASKET MUZZLE.

BASKET MUZZLES allow the dog to wear the muzzle for extended periods of time (never unattended) without restricting the dogs mouth. The dog is still able to pant, drink water, and vomit if needed without risking choking on any small parts.