About our Unique Service Dog Program

Our Service Dog Program


Service Dog Training  16-26 WEEK** Program- 2000$- 4,500$

The Process-  Train your service dog in this HANDS ON Train the trainer program in 5 easy steps! This is  YOU training your service dog. Legally, owner trained Service dogs are permitted. Getting professional assistance and guidance is completely legal as well, and is highly encouraged for owner trained dogs, for legal and liability purposes to seek out professional interaction of some sort . We will teach you not only* how to train your service dog, but how to protect yourself legally with your service dog, how to prepare for and combat access or discrimination challenges with your service dog and most importantly, how to use your service dog to regain some normalcy and independence in your life. 

Step 1 Obedience Training - Participation in our 12 WEEK PROGRAM with modifications to the structure of the program for your dogs specific curriculum to best meet your needs.

Step 2 Task Specific Training 2-6** WEEKS

Training specific tasks to mitigate your disability. Examples include :

comforting maneuvers for PTSD/Anxiety and other invisible disabilities.

Training for light medium or heavy mobility work -guide dogs, brace support, etc.

Training item specific recall for medications, emergency supplies or to locate lost items.

Step 3 Public Access Training 2 - 4 WEEKS

Training to prepare for large busy public spaces, hospitals, events etc. and learning how to focus on the handler with so much localized excitement in the area.

Step 4 Preparation for Final Test.

Step 5 Take the Naked K9 Service Dog Test! (Included with program enrollment)

Once completed with your dogs specifically tailored training program, your dog will receive a Certificate of Completion! If however, your dog passes with 89% or higher on the final test, your dog will instead receive a Certificate of Excellence, for truly exhibiting what a NAKEDK9 is all about!

*Equipment costs may vary and will be an additional charge.

**Not all disabilities are the same, this is a general average. You may have more classes required for your dog to learn everything it needs to appropriately  mitigate your disability. 

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Need help locating a Service dog? Call us today and we can help you identify the appropriate breed for your specific needs, and locate a prospect in the proper age ranges to bring on the service dog journey with you. Its so much more than a dog... Its true independence. 

Do you already have a puppy, and is your Service Dog Prospect under 20 Weeks of age? Enroll your Dog in either the General puppy or The all star puppy program and receive a discount of up to*** 25% off to ensure your Service Dog gets the absolute best training opportunities available.