Service dog for veteran alerting to ptsd anxiety high blood pressure.

Veteran Services

Find the BALANCE you have been SEEKING!

We offer services for all veterans, two legs or four.

For All veterans who are suffering from invisible disabilities, there are some solutions we can offer here at NAKEDK9. 

For Veterans who suffer from PTSD, Anxiety, Night Terrors, Flashbacks, or other unsettling psychiatric residual effects from their service, Firstly, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.

Second, our Service Dog Training Programs are designed to provide targeted and long lasting results. We don't want you to come back unless its to tell us how amazing life is for you after your training is completed, and how much progress your team has made. One on One training ensures* that you get the specific tasking and behavioral training done right, the first time, and as efficiently as possible.

Our unique program helps YOU learn how to handle everything from access disputes, registration questions, safeguarding your liability, equipment and exclusive Service Dog Task Training specifically Tailored to YOUR specific needs.

Not everyone knows what you struggle with, so not everyone knows how to help you. We originally started offering Service Dog training out of personal necessity for Psychiatric Service Needs- we GET it.

At NAKEDK9, We recognize that K9 service members hold Rank. K9 Veterans are just as valuable as their human counter parts, and their rehabilitation is just as vital... for them, and for their families.

For the K9's who Served- We have intensive psychological rehabilitation services. Think of it as a Therapist- only for Dogs. We address what their specific needs are based on previous trauma and training, and produce a program specifically geared to getting them reintegrated into civilian living, to help them readjust and live a happier, more fulfilling life.

Please feel free to call us today, to inquire about training an existing prospect dog, locating a potential service prospect for your family, Rehabilitating a K9 Veteran or any other general inquiry.

One More Time, for those in the back- From everyone here at NAKEDK9;

             Thank You, for your Service!


We want your training experience to be as invaluable as the partner you are training with. .... Whether it is Service Dog Training, Or helping your K9 Family cope and readjust to civilian living- we want to help bring BALANCE back to your HOME and LIVES!